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Saturday Update. Nominations – Have Nots – MVP – POV.

I’m going to keep it just to the facts. As of this writing everything that will happen through most of Wednesdays show has taken place. Here is whats happened and when.

  • Have not competition took place Friday Afternoon – Candice, Amanda, Judd and GinaMarie are Have Nots. They also get “Ramen and Raisins” as the food voted on by America.
  • Aaryn decided to keep a promise to Helen and Amanda and put up Spencer and Howard on Friday.
  • Amanda was the third nominee – which means she was probably #1 by America (MVP nomination).
  • Candice and Jessie were drawn to also play in the POV competition on Saturday.
  • Spencer won the POV competition which may have involved a puzzle.

So now we wait until Monday to see if Spencer uses the POV (he will) and who Aaryn puts up in his place. I’d bet it will be Candice.

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Live Show Tonight – HoH Competition Preview

bb152043-1863The houseguests are getting ready for tonight’s live eviction show currently.  We already know that Kaitlin will be the one going home and while the vote may be somewhat close, I have a feeling in the end at best it will be 5-4 with Helen, Andy, Jessie, McCrae & Amanda voting to evict her and maybe Howard, Candice, Spencer and Elissa voting to evict Aaryn (but if everyone votes to evict Kaitlin don’t be shocked.

bb152043-1855Once Kaitlin is out we will have a HoH competition that will end up providing a random HoH as it will be all luck.  The HGs got to try out a mock up last night.  it involved rolling a ball down a ramp onto a rotating circle that had buckets on it.  The actual competition will be similar but most likely different enough that the one hour practice they got last night won’t help them at all.

Expect the winner to be someone you wouldn’t have expected.  I’m predicting Elissa will take this one.  That will create loads of Drama as everyone tries to kiss her butt to get back on her good side after her last couple days of mini meltdowns.


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We have a new nominee. POV Meeting result.

bb15cap1985Today was the Power of Veto meeting so we finally got to discover who was the least liked HG after (we assume) Aaryn and Elissa.   When the Big Brother Live Feeds returned after the ceremony we discovered that GinaMaries was not on the block along with Aaryn and Kaitlin.

As of this writing Kaitlin might be the one going home.  However things can and will change over the next few days  so check back and I’ll let you know what up – or get the live feeds for yourself and see what is going on inside the house at any moment!

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