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Big Brother 16 – Just Two Weeks Away!

With Big Brother 16 just two weeks away things are starting to get interesting.

Some of the media should have taken a tour of the house this past weekend and they probably played a one day game of BB with Rachel who had reported on her Twitter feed that she was going to be visiting the house and had hosted the media a couple seasons ago. I’d expect those media outlets to put up reports and videos of their experiences within the next week.

The new (or returning?) house guests will most likely be ‘kidnapped’ this weekend and put up in a hotel near the Big Brother house. The kidnapping is when they are filmed getting their keys that is shown on the first episode (Wednesday June 25th).

The house guests will actually enter the house on the weekend before the show premiere and the filming will begin although the actual live feeds will not kick off until after the first episode airs in the West.

Jeff and HaydenUntil then CBS is trying to keep fans happy by posting some exclusive videos online including some live chats hosted by Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother 11 and 13). On Tuesday he spoke with Hayden Moss, Big Brother 12 winner, and on Thursday he will talk to Jordan Lloyd (Big Brother 11 winner and girlfriend to Jeff). Jeff has implied he will also speak with at least one more past winner before the live feeds kick off.

If you plan on catching the live feed, the best time get them is now, once they start the price increases $3 to $26.99 for the season.  Sign up for the Early Bird Special now by clicking here. or via any banner link on the site!

Big Brother Early Bird Special avalable now through June 26th.

Its up and going – the early bird special for the Big Brother live feeds has arrived.

This season you can again see the entire run for $23.99!

Thats the best price you will find all year. There is no point in waiting as it won’t get any cheaper.

The feeds will go live on June 25th after the show premiere and according to CBS there will be content on the live feeds site starting Wednesday, June 4th including exclusive chats with former Big Brother contestants!

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