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Jurors Return – Endurance HoH Competition.

8:45pm Elissa won – she is the now HoH.  Judd returns to play again but did fall off before the end.

8:15pm Helen and Candice fell out in rapid succession so Judd will return to the house.  Currently Elissa has 7 balls, Judd 5, Amanda 4 and GinaMarie 3.


7:45pm Fake bit – “Fan” runs on set and it chased off by security guard.  HGs were not amused.

7:39pm Jessie is out.  Andy as well.

7:35pm – when the feeds came back McCrae and Spencer were already out.  Then Andy fell off.  Currently Elissa leads with 5 balls – then Amanda and Jessie with 4 and Judd has 3.

Short and sweet.  I’ve been a bit burnt out and busy but tonight is another endurance competition where Helen, Jessie, Judd or Candice will get back in the house.

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I will update this page as the competition goes on.   I’ll be sure to let you know, or you can sign up for the free Live Feed subscription and watch it yourself.

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Big Brother 15 – Nominations and Power of Veto

Those that only watch the CBS TV show still are wondering who might be the new Head of Household, and who they will nominate.  Those of us that watch the Big Brother Live Feeds already know all of these things as wel as who won the Power of Veto on Saturday night.

As I posted in my last update on my previous post, Andy won the HoH competition that was held late Thursday night.  Apparently Aaryn, GinMarie, Helen and Elissa also volunteered to be the Have Nots for the week instead of making Andy pick four people.  On Friday  Andy then acted as I predicted and nominated Spencer and Jessie for eviction.

BRW-VbMCUAAX1G3.png largeSince there is no longer an MVP – those are the only two nominations this week.  On Saturday the additional HGs were selected to play in the POV competition.  Three HGs were selected this time since thee isn’t an MVP.  Amanda, Helen and Elissa.  After the fact we found out that it was the card game they have played in the past.  We even got a sneak peek at the POV set.  How they related cards to a funeral theme I don’t know.

The HGs had all plotted before the POV on ways to ensure Jessie, the current target for eviction, didn’t win the POV.  In the end it turned out that Jessie apparently stunk at the game and went out early.  The winner ended up being Andy again, who has now won 2 events in a row.

The Power of Veto competition will not be shown until Wednesdays show.  The current plan by Andy is to not change the nominations and that Jessie will be the one evicted, but that could all change in the next 24 hours.  I am sure production will try to encourage Amanda and Helen to suggest to Andy he consider ‘backdooring’ they other (it was briefly discussed by both on Friday).

Stay tuned and if something major goes down at the Power of Veto ceremony I’ll be sure to let you know, or you can sign up for the free Live Feed subscription and watch it yourself.

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Big Brother Double Eviction Show Thursday

UPDATE BELOW – HoH winner and new Have Nots as well as expected nominations.

Tonight will be the first Double Eviction show of the season.  I say the first because last year they had two.  There may only be one this year.

Yesterday it was announced by CBS that the Jury will begin with the two people evicted tonight.

Candice will be voted out first, thats the sure thing, then there will be a HoH competition and the winner will have to nominate two HGs.  I don’t think there will be an MVP – I believe that twist will be over now.  So then we will move right on to a Power of Veto competition and the winner will have to use it on themself or someone else.  As soon as that is over there will be a vote and a second house guest will be evicted.

bb15cap2456Sound fast?  It will be – very rapid fire with little time to breath.  The odds are that Jesse or Judd will go to the Jury as they are the most “on the outs” with the other house guests.

As a teaser, Big Brother let the HGs play with this device yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it will most likely be used in the POV competition during the live show.

The second HoH competition will probably take place after the live show and it may or may not be shown on the Live Feeds but I’ll let you know who has won it once I know.

Update: Candice and Judd were evicted, the MVP is over.  Julie implied an evicted HG may come back. Andy won the HoH and Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen and Elissa volunteered to be Have Nots.  Andy has already said he will nominate Jesse and Spencer with Jesse being the target.

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