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Watch the Live Feeds of the POV Fallout – Your Guide

It may seem a bit late but it takes a LONG time to document this stuff and it is still worth going back to see what all went on that lead to Zach being nominated and then the aftermath of the Power of Veto meeting.

You will need a live feed subscription to watch the videos listed below.  Click here or on a banner to sign up and then you can use the Archive feature from your computer to go to each time listed and watch the events as they happend.

Below is the timeline for things to watch as Devin decides to save Britt and put up Zach and the fallout after – ending with Devin tellign Britt he likes her (things are omitted – there was just SO MUCH).

7/5 8:59pm Cam 3/4 Britt comes to talk to Devin. Around 9:48pm Devin starts to imply he might save her. Tells Britt that Paola threw the BoB competition. 10:25pm Devin tells Britt that the POV will be around her neck.  

7/6 3:30pm Cam 3/4 Devin and Zach butt heads. One of several times they clashed which led to Devin wanting Zach out.

7/6 9:53pm Cam 1/2 Devin thinks he has 6 votes to evict Zach and he can break the tie.

7/7 10:20am Cam 3/4 Devin starts to hint to Paola that things may change. Paola gets mad (Several brief convos starting at 10:20am).

7/7 1:18pm Feeds back from POV meeting in which Devin saved Britt and put up Zach. Zach apparently called out some people after the fact and made comments about Devin being on meds and his daughter being ashamed of him (or something to that effect).  Paola also blew up at Devin.  The next several hours was non-stop multi camera discussions. I can’t go back and document it all so her are the highlights (you will see how crazy it was).

1:20pm Zach & Frankie talk (Frankie upset @ Zach)
1:24pm Zach & Paola talk (Both mad at Devin)
1:25pm Nicole and Britt talk (Nicole tells Britt that Paola threw the BoB)
1:26pm Nicole and Britt joined by Hayden & Paola – more BoB discussion.
1:27pm Cody, Frankie and Caleb talk.
1:30pm Frankie and Caleb talk after Cody leaves room.
1:33pm Hayden talks about BoB to Frankie, Amber, Devin
1:34pm Zach, Frankie and Devin talk.
1:40pm Amber says that Devin controlled things (telling her noms thing).
1:42pm Cody & Frankie talk.
1:43pm Zach reveals the Bomb Squad to Hayden (Derrick present).

Do you get the idea? You really just need to watch the live feeds yourself to catch everything that happened at that time.

Moving right along where things had slowed just a little…

7/7 3:08pm Cam 3/4 Zach and Paola fight – Paola continues to deny she threw the BoB (fight really kicks off at 3:10pm).  Meanwhile at the same time Frankie, Caleb and Cody are talking game.

7/7 3:15pm Cam 1/2 Christine reveals the Bomb Squad alliance to Nicole

7/7 3:20pm Cam 3/4 Caleb talks to Hayden – Caleb saying he’s been loyal to Hayden (even though he’s not in the Bomb Squad).

7/7 3:33pm Cam 3/4 Caleb talks to Devin about Hayden (because he knows about the Bomb Squad now).  Devin explains why he decided to nominate Zach &  wants to talk to Hayden & bring him into Bomb Squad.

7/7 3:48pm Cam 3/4 Devin brings up Hayden – Devin, Caleb and Frankie in room while Devin and Hayden try to recruit Hayden into Bomb Squad

7/7 11:10pm Cam 1 Devin reveals he like Britt to Christine – Christine goes and tells Britt right afterwards.

7/8 4:36am Cam 1/2 Devin tells Britt he likes her.  Thus completing the circle of luvvvvv.

While far from perfect – there is easily a couple hours of feed viewing there and 90% of it will never be seen on the CBS show.  Again if you don’t have a live feed subscription you need that in order to see the archived videos – what we also call Flashback – so click here or on one of the Live Feed banners.

The live feeds will continue 24×7 for the next three months. You can check them out for yourself by clicking here or via any banner link on the site!

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Nominations and Battle of the Block Result!

Since today is the 4th of July it seems CBS was in a rush to get some things out of the way as they have a big 4th of July party on the lot where Big Brother is shot each season and they didn’t want the house guest outside hearing the party going on.

So rather than have nominations on Friday afternoon, Big Brother announced they would be held around 12:30am Big Brother time and newly crowned HoH’s Devin and Amber had to come up with nominees in just a couple hours.

As many of us have the  Big Brother Live Feeds and can see what the HGs are up to most of the time, we watched Devin, Amber, Caleb, Derrick and Frankie all discuss who might go up.  Devin really wants Brittany gone as he feels she colluded with Joey last week and was working against him.  Devin also said he wanted to put up Paola as a week player that would not win in the Battle of the Block.  Amber wanted to put up Paola too and said she would only put up one girl.  Since there are only two guys not in her alliance and one of those is Donny whom she never wants to nominate, she decided to put up Hayden.  Devin won the battle to put up Paola and Amber, with help from Derrick and Caleb, came up with Nicole as her second nomination.


Frankie and Caleb talk after Thursday night’s show.

The nominations were then held and shortly after the Battle of the Block.  Brittiny and Paola lost the battle and so remain nominated.  Amber was dethroned as HoH which leaves Devin as the sole HoH and safe from eviction this week (along with Hayden and Nicole) – everyone else can go up if the POV is used.  Expect it to be played for on Saturday.

The live feeds will continue 24×7 for the next three months. You can check them out for yourself by clicking here or via any banner link on the site!

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Time to clear the decks and prepare for Big Brother 16

Are you ready for Big Brother 16?  It will kick off at the end of June this year.

I’ll be here reporting as things happen and keeping you up to date so check back in a couple months.

Casting has been extended through April 25th – details can be found here:

There are three open casting calls remaining if you are still thinking of applying:


Friday, April 18, 2014 [ 5pm-8pm]


123 Ashley Ave. Folly Beach, SC 29439



Saturday, April 19, 2014 [ 11am – 3pm ]


1370 Grand Blvd. Kansas City MO 64106



Saturday, April 19, 2014 [ 12pm – 3pm ]


50 West Jefferson St. Phoenix, AZ 85003