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Nominations and the Backdoor Plan

Jennifer nominated Rachel and Janelle.

The plan is that someone will win the POV on Saturday and when they
use it, to save either Rachel or Janelle , Jennifer will then nominate
James who will end up being voted out. This is the ‘backdoor’ method
talked about but not used this year until now.

Ivette is pushing for James to stay but she is fighting a losing battle.

The only thing that can really mess this plan up is if no one wins the
POV. In that case Rachel will be voted out.

Recap of the HoH competition

6:50pm Everyone still holding on an hour after the show ended – no
one showing the slightest hint of giving up.

—————– 1 Hour —————–

7:10pm Still nothing – Howie is walking around talking to the HGs….
I will update every 30 minutes or so unless something changes.

7:30pm 90 minutes into the HoH competition – everyone is still in the
game. The turntable with the boxes on it keeps going round and

7:50pm Howie is going to feed the fish – something he does not
normally do – so they are instructing him – no HG has let go yet.

—————– 2 Hours —————–

8:20pm No change – I am going to have to look back and see how things
went last year.. I think the buttons are easier to hold in this year.

8:25pm Last year in the HoH competition where the HGs held buttons
Jennifer was the first out at 45 minutes. Next was Karen at 2 hours.
Then Michael (Cowboy) at 3 hours. We are sitting at 2.5 hours at the
moment with no one out.

—————– 3 Hours —————–
8:55pm Talk has turned to sex – nothing worth reporting. A lot of
the HGs can be seen flexing their hands but all are still in the game.

9:35pm 3.5 hours – everyone STILL in the game – nothing has changed.

9:50pm HGs discuss the prize money – according to April if you win
the prize money you do not get the $750 a week that the others get…
I have to be honest – this is the most boring HoH Endurance yet – but
once someone drops I know it will get very interesting.

—————– 4 Hours —————–

10:10pm Just to clarify – the boxes will be opened by the people that
let go of the button. No one has let go yet – so no boxes opened.
And they leave the “Box” they are in in 3’s – so 2 more people have to
quit before the first can leave. Nothing has changed – all still in

10:25pm Howie has brought out everyone’s pictures (previous HoH
people) – Not a good move for people he doesn’t want to get HoH –
Maggie said it is making her want to keep her finger on more.

10:35pm Just looking back at the previous HoH endurance comps.. BB3
– Amy won and evicted the previous weeks HoH (CHiara). BB4 – Erica
won and evicted the previous weeks HoH (Justin). BB5 – DIane won and
evicted Scott (Drew was the previous weeks HoH). In BB3 and BB4 the
previous HoH was evicted because deals were made – I can see that
happening this year – at least not deals to get Howie out. They are
now playing “Telephone.” to kill time.

—————– 5 Hours —————–

11pm Howie comes out with an announcement. It has now been 5 hours-
one box has a 42″ Plasma TV, One has a Martini Bar…. and Howie will
open the Green box if no one has opened one within 30 minutes. HGs
decide the Green box must be something bad – so they will just wait.
No one has quit yet.

11:30pm Howie openned the box – it had dead fish in it. The light
over Jame’s head has burned out – there is a red and a green one – the
green one will light up if he lets go – the red one stays on – but now
Jame’s is burt out. Eveyrone is still playing.

11:50pm Howie says they will be there until 6am and James will either
win HoH or win POV…. As for me I think this is the most stubborn
bunch of HGs in BB history!! lol They also don’t trust each other at
all which is why none of them will quit.

—————– 6 Hours —————–

Friday August 12th, 2005

12:05am Howie announces 6 hours in the competition – he also says
that the food restriction is over and there is lots of food in the
storage room. Some of the HGs are considering quitting now because
they are hungry. Howie brings out food to tempt the HGs – they say
they can have it later.

12:17am Beau’s knee touched the ground – he is eliminated. Beau
opened the box that ended up haveing the Martini Bar. Ivette
whispered in Beau’s ear – I think she told him that she thinks
Janelle did something 2 hours ago and wants them to examine the tapes.

12:49am Beau is stuck in the box – drinking – Howie has had 3 beers
at least – and no one else is getting off their button. James says he
is not going anywhere – Jennifer says she doesn’t want HoH but is
afraid she will be put up….. no one is letting go. I am about to
give up and go to bed myself….

—————– 7 Hours —————–
1am – ok – I give up – I will check in in the morning – BB will
eventually make rules like no ‘squatting’ but I have to be up in the
morning – I will catch this area up then. Only Beau and Howie can’t
win HoH at this point.

1:03am Janelle is eliminated – not sure exactly why (Dancing?)….
Janelle picks the red box and it is the plasma TV – a DVD player and
perhaps a movie rental membership.

—————– 8 Hours —————–

2:25am – April eliminated – opened a box and won $3,000

2:40am BB makes them choose one hand to use from here on out…

—————– 9 Hours —————–

—————– 10 Hours —————–

4:15am Ivette is out – Ivette won an Air Horn (??)

4:30am James let go….. Maggie as well – James got Pizza Maggie – Rotten Eggs

4:40am Rachel apparently slipped and let go. I don’t think there
were any boxes left..

—————– 11 Hours —————–

5:30am…. Still going on… Jennifer and Kaysar are the last two….
I will post the order and additional details in a bit….

—————– 12 Hours —————–

6:30am Jen and Kaysar are the only two still in it. Jen really wants
it bad and has cried and said she will even leave next week to get HoH
this week. 12+ hours now… updating as I can.

6:40am New rules. No bending or squating, no touching the glass
except hand on the buzzer,and if your eyes are closed longer than
three seconds you are consideredsleeping and you will be eliminated.
It is Down to Kaysar and Jennifer and has been for the last 2 hours.

—————– 13 Hours —————–

7:30am No change….. both still holding strong… Kaysar says it
is a win-win situation – Kaysar has said he will go after James –
Jennifer wants a hug from Kaysar when it is over. 13 1/2 hours.
Rachel is still stuck in the box with them even though she has been
out for 3 hours.

7:40am Kaysar told Jennifer he thought he might give it to her…..
but then nothing happened – they are still going. No sign of quitting
at all – 4 minutes until 14 hours according to Kaysar..

7:45am – Kaysar is eliminated. Jennifer won – she is crying – Kaysar
is telling her it is ok – Kaysar let Jennifer win. He believes they
have an agreement.

—————– 14 Hours —————–

Early Thursday Morning

The house is sleeping soundly.  The evening was un-eventful. The biggest ‘news’ from the evening would be the continued discussion by the ‘friendship’ alliance on the possibility of going after Rachel/Howie if one of them gets the HoH and breaking the agreement to go after James.  James meanwhile has floated the possibility of teaming up with Maggie.  April promises to ‘swear on the bible’ if the votes are off (meaning if the votes don’t end up being 6-1 to evict Sarah).  yadda yadda – none of this matters much until we see the votes and a new HoH is selected – which most likely is a LONG way off (if there is an endurance comp tonight).

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