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Birthday Party for Kaysar and Maggie

Today BB had a birthday party for Kaysar and Maggie.

Kaysar’s birthday occurred when he was sequestered.

They both got cards from home and a few small items. Kaysar also got
a 20 gig MP3 player and Maggie got a PSP (playstation portable)

Ivette is upset because she celebrated her 9 month anniversary with
her girlfriend on Friday and didn’t get anything. I think she is
upset because April got stuff from her husband on their 9 month
wedding anniversary – the difference is that it was also April’s
birthday. There is no consoling Ivette though.

Saturday… Rachel wins the POV.

On Saturday Rachel won the POV competition. So on Monday she will
take herself off the block and Jennifer will have to replace her.

The agreement has been that Jennifer will nominate James and the group
will vote him out. However Ivette is pushing very hard to get
Jennifer to nominate someone else (Like Kaysar) and thus sav James –
with whom she has a bit of a connection – and frankly – she seems to
be a big time sucker to all his manipulation.

I am thinking Jennifer will keep her promise and put up James – but
there is a lot of time between now and Monday.

Nominations and the Backdoor Plan

Jennifer nominated Rachel and Janelle.

The plan is that someone will win the POV on Saturday and when they
use it, to save either Rachel or Janelle , Jennifer will then nominate
James who will end up being voted out. This is the ‘backdoor’ method
talked about but not used this year until now.

Ivette is pushing for James to stay but she is fighting a losing battle.

The only thing that can really mess this plan up is if no one wins the
POV. In that case Rachel will be voted out.

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