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Tuesday – a little bit calmer than Monday…

Well – I think BB may have gotten to Howie…

He did again rip right into April while the HGs were on an outside
lockdown – btu right afterwards he was called to the Diary Room and
after that he has been a little angel.

I have no idea if BB told him to knock it off or what – but I hope not
– that was the one bit of excitement – helped offset the
dissapointment in Kaysar going home this week again.

I almost wonder if the producers told Howie that none of his act was
going to get on TV – to save it for after the live show so they could
show it on Saturday. Or maybe I am just being cynical……

All in all a slow day today.

Monday – a quick list…

Jennifer did pull a fast one and put up Kaysar.

Howie and Janelle went off on Beau and April – Howie says it doesn’t
matter anymore so he just RIPPED into her all afternoon and evening
trying to ‘break’ her and get her to just leave. He didn’t get her to
do that but her sure upset her.

Alcohol was given and taken away – Janelle and Beau got quite drunk.

All in all it was a crazy day and I doubt much – if any of it makes it
on TV since the Live Show Thursday won’t be able to show much of it.

Who the heck is going up? Only Jennifer knows.

The last word I heard on the Kaysar/James situation sounded like
Jennifer is actually going to put up Kaysar.

Poor girl has no idea how she is ticking off “America” – but she is in
it to win the game – or is she?

My thoughts tell me it may be to her alliances advantage to get rid of
Kaysar – but she will be seen as the cause of his leaving and thus
will move right to the top of the ‘most wanted to nominate’ list by
Rachel, Howie and Janelle.

She might very well be warming up the sequester house alone a week
from Thursday is she follows through and puts Kaysar up.

Last weeks POV was at 12pm – I doubt it will be any earlier today and
might even be much later in the afternoon.

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