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Getting the word out…

No big news on the Big Brother All Stars front.  It is the calm before the storm, soon enough there will be news a plenty to report.

For now I have been very busy getting this site up and running and trying to get the word out in as many ways as possible.  Previously I have worked on a regular old website – so this blogging thing is a bet ‘new’ to me as far as trying to get noticed.   If you have received a request to add a link to my site it would be greatly appreciated.  I promise you that I will be updating this site every day once Big Brother 7 begins, and most likely more than once a day if things are ‘exciting’ in the house.

One thing I came across today is the site which will allow anyone to get this blog sent to them via e-mail.  Pretty cool!!   All you need to do is click on this icon and you can then register to have them mailed to you.

Are you ready for Big Brother 7??

This site will keep you up to date on what is going on in the Big Brother house during season 7, an “All Star” version of the show.

Currently we are waiting for the announcement of the 20 candidates on June 21st.  Then we, the viewer will have one week to vote for our favorites.  The 3 top vote getters (male and female) will have guarenteed spots in the house (that’s 6) – then the producers will select 6 more from the 20 to enter the house.

 According to CBS they HGs will enter the house on July 6th live.  If they do this will be the first time that has happened, with the exception of season one the houseguests have always entered the house a few days before the first live show.