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Tomorrow could be a huge day.

After tomorrow there will be six HGs left. That means only three people will vote for the next eviction.

We are relly getting close to the end and it looks like the only confirmed original alliance left will be Mike and Will.

Amazing that one of the two alliances that were known going into the show has survived all this time.

I haven’t a clue who will win this right now. I’ll have a better feeling tomorrow night assuming the HoH competition isn’t an endurance one.

I don’t think this weekend will be another ‘double eviction’ weekend but it is a possibility. If it isn’t then next week should be.

If you want to watch the feeds to see who the next three to go will be (and probably catch another double-eviction weekend) – you can sign up for the free two week trial of the feeds via this link.

A quick ‘un-biased’ analysis of the remaining house guests.

I sincerely am going to try to be unbiased in these. Alphabetical by first name.

Danielle: She started out pretty strong but has sorta slipped a bit in the last couple of weeks. She stayed in the background as Marcellas and Howie were evicted. But her manipulation of others early on was masterful and she certainly has not played a ‘floaters’ game. If she makes the final two she will have a good shot at winning.

Erika: Notice I just used the “F” word? Has Erika played the floater? Yeah – but she has survived and I think if we had known about her alliance with Mike when the show began we might have not judged her so harshly. Why make a target of yourself when you are in league with Will and Mike and they are making themselves targets all the time. Those that watch the feeds know that the other HGs – especially Will and Danielle have given her props for her ‘gameplay.’ However – I don’t think she will win in the final two against anyone that is still in the house.

George: Total wildcard. He really rocked up the house and alliances last weekend with his nominations and outting of the fact to Janelle that everyone wanted her out. Could he win it all? Yeah. Is he as ‘dumb’ as he seems? I wouldn’t call him dumb – but his logic is not on track a lot of times. Erika should count herself lucky that George’s wife told him to try to work with er.

James: James has sufferred a lot of grief from Season Six fans out there. But I can’t blame him at all for going in with a different agenda. He was always seen as the 4th member of the alliance and he really did try to stay loya the week he was HoH and was thrown under the bus when he was told whom he HAD to put up (Jase). Some Janelle fans seem to forget that right after he did that Janelle went the next week and refused to do what the alliance want and instead fell under Will’s spell – saving Mike and giving Diane the shaft in the POV contest. Alas now he is being a bit of a poor sport about losing the POV Saturday and he does seem to never be out of ‘game mode’ – something that is getting on his fellow HG’s nerves.

Janelle: This isn’t Janelle’s season. She has won competitions but lets not forget that Mike and Will and others haven’t been trying to win. On the non-competition side she just has been too trusting of everyone. Ya know the saying “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?” Janelle has been fooled about 10 times this season. In her defense it didn’t help that Kaysar seemed to have stopped playing the week after Jase was evicted. She lost he closest and smarted ally and Will rushed in to fill the void. A chance to win? I doubt she makes the final two unless she wins everything from now on.

Mike: My opinions on Mike. I think he has played a pretty decent game – I don’t feel he has ridden Will’s coat tails as much as some claim but it certainly hasn’t hurt. The way he got George to put up Howie was a pretty bold move. The smack talk between Howie and Mike was just that – all smack. If you don’t have the feeds you have no idea how much Howie had driven the HG’s crazy with his no-stop talking – so I imagine some of Mikes talk was out of frustration (Howie pulling off Mike’s hat was also crossing an ‘imaginary’ line). If Mike is really ‘playing’ Erika and dumps her when the show is over I will be very dissapointed in him. I think he and Erika were an item before the show and I think they will remain one after. Will he win if he gets to the final two? Possibly. Depends on who he is up against.

Will: Damn you Will – you were made for this game. If he makes the final two he should win. He knows how to play people. The ONLY mistake I have seen this whole season was when George almost put him up Friday because Will had suggested it. Even though it was played off in the TV show I know Will never imagine George would consider it. Will also is ALWAYS acting. 24×7 in that house everything he says and does he does for the cameras. Nothing he says can be taken as fact. No promises he makes shoudl be taken seriously. Will is the best Big Brother player ever. But he may need to win a competition this time to make the final two, anyone else in the house would be a fool to take him to the finals.

21 days until the show ends. If you want to watch the feeds to see who the next three to go will be (and probably catch another double-eviction weekend – you can sign up for the free two week trial of the feeds via this link.

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