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4 HoH competitions in the next two weeks. Get the free trial now.

This is it – there are less than three weeks left in the show and if all goes as it usually does, two weeks from tonight the final three HGs will square off in what has always been an endurance competition involving the house keys. That will be part one of the final three part competition and the only part shown on the feeds.

So if you want to get the biggest bang for your free buck, I would sign up today or tomorrow. The only reason to hold off until tomorrow would be if you think the final HoH endurance competition will last more than 6 hours (doubtful).

James will be heading home tonight and then we will be left with George, Janelle, Danielle, Erika, Mike and Will.

I am not sure if this will be a double eviction week, but if it isn’t, then there should be one next week (or a twist of some type) in order to get the number of HGs down to three by two weeks from tonight.

You can sign up for the free two week trial of the feeds via this link.

If that link does not work for you, simply go to to sign up.

Tomorrow could be a huge day.

After tomorrow there will be six HGs left. That means only three people will vote for the next eviction.

We are relly getting close to the end and it looks like the only confirmed original alliance left will be Mike and Will.

Amazing that one of the two alliances that were known going into the show has survived all this time.

I haven’t a clue who will win this right now. I’ll have a better feeling tomorrow night assuming the HoH competition isn’t an endurance one.

I don’t think this weekend will be another ‘double eviction’ weekend but it is a possibility. If it isn’t then next week should be.

If you want to watch the feeds to see who the next three to go will be (and probably catch another double-eviction weekend) – you can sign up for the free two week trial of the feeds via this link.

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