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Tonights Live Eviction Show – What to expect.

This week has been a busy one but how much will actually make it on TV?
If you have not kept up on the goings-on in the house where the heck
have you been? Howie decided he had nothing to lose and went after
April Monday afternoon/evening and Tuesday as well.

The question is – will any of it make TV tonight? And who will be
evicted anyway?

Thursday night shows are usually very busy – Julie recaps the entire
week and then they will show clips implying who might go – we see the
diary room conversations where the HGs talk about the pro’s and con’s
of each HG – for those that watch the show on the net it gets pretty
boring – we want to see Howie letting April have it – he wants to be
the ‘villain’ so let him.

Perhaps CBS will show Janelle drunk and getting into it with Beau as a
way to make us think she might be going. Janelle also ASKED to be
voted out Monday night – of course she didn’t ask after that I would
not doubt that CBS will show her asking as a way to make you feel she
might go.

I don’t even have a clue how Rachel and Howie voted (For Kaysar or
Janelle). But the feeling in the house is that Kaysar is probably

So hopefully we will see at least a little of Howie’s rant and April’s
tears – perhaps even April pointing out Howie’s missing finger as a
reason he might not be able to compete well in a physical competition.

After Kaysar (or maybe Janelle) leaves the house, there will be the
HoH competition.

The HGs were given a couple of items yesterday that might clue us in
to the HoH competition. First the wall that normally has the
individual pictures of the HGs was changed and showed them
participating in various food competitions. The thought is they might
have a quiz show type competition.

The HGs were also given a couple decks of playing cards. I don’t have
any idea if this was a clue to a competition or just something new for
them to do.

Tune in tonight to see who is evicted and who is the next HoH. If one
of the Friendship alliance wins – be prepared for a very dull week –
if Howie, Rachel or Janelle (assuming Kaysar leaves) wins, then things
should be very interesting as the “Friendship” alliance SHOULD lose
one of their group – it will be VERY interesting to see whom they are
each willing to sacrifice. If James wins it the only person I would
say is safe is Ivette – it would be an interesting week – but not as
good as if, say, Howie won.

Voting Day – Pick a side if you want, but no side is “good.”

This little post is a “rant” – be forewarned!!!

Alrighty then…. almost everyone who watches this show has a
‘favorite’ – someone to root for – that is the nature of these kind of

But before you run around praising your particular ‘favorite’
houseguest or alliance, keep some things in mind.

They ALL have said very mean and nasty things about each other – every
single houseguest remaining in the house has called someone else some
pretty nasty things. Not one of them could say that they haven’t.
“Integrity” is not a word any of them is entitled to use.

Be it Ivette comparing Kaysar to Osama or Kaysar calling the other
team ‘garbage’ (and many other things I don’t have time to dig up).
Be it Howie attacking April and her dog AND her husband. Be it April
saying that the other alliances team’s parent should be embarrassed
for the way they are acting. Every one of the HG’s has displayed an
‘ugly’ side at times.

I’ll run down some examples off the top of my head by Houseguest….

April….. namecalling, lies, trying to get Ivette out (yes – she
wanted Ivette out more than Jen did last week – it is Jennifer that
was more cautious about the move).

Beau… He has said TONS – especially when he was drunk Monday night.
As far as the gameplay – well he hasn’t done much – he has just been
along for the ride.

Howie… I am 100% sure some folks out there have been shocked at his
constant sexual comments to the women – and his attacks on April take
the cake so far this year.

Ivette… Her worst offense so far has been the comparison of Kaysar
to the power of Osama Bin Laden and the people that killed themselves
in part because of him (Osama – not Kaysar!!). But she has let loose
with a ton of other mean words when it comes to others in the house.

James… He treated Sarah pretty poorly in the house a lot of the
time, he made her look bad on TV when he spoke of her in the Diary
Room (what was the comment? Something about her being ‘somewhat
intelligent’ ??). He has called other HGs evil and other names. The
man is playing both sides and I doubt there isn’t another HG in the
house he hasn’t called some type of name.

Janelle… Names names names – her drunken fight with Beau being a
classic – think of any slang for a gay male and Janelle has probably
said it right to Beaus face. She and April also like to rip on each
other’s cosmetic ‘enhancements’ to member’s of their respective

Jennifer… She kept her mouth shut for the 1st half of Big Brother
for the most part – but the claws have come out and she has been known
to call members of the other alliance by a few names – not to mention
the way she broke promises. I mean when Big Brother plays a song
called ‘Stupid Girl’ on the morning you are going to put up Kaysar –
you know she has ticked some people off.

Kaysar… Oh – he has said more than a few naughty words directed
towards James and the “Friendship” alliance and as I said above he
referred to the other team as ‘garbage’ when they had the advantage
and he knew he was leaving the first time.

Maggie… hmmmm Maggie hasn’t actually said too much that I can
recall – but then again Iam positive when she realized Eric was going
she was spewing some venom at the “Jedi” alliance. I am sure it would
not take much digging to fine a few juicey quotes from Maggie.

and Finally…

Rachel… Again like Maggie she hadn’t said a ton that I noticed
early on – but this last couple of weeks the temper has come out, she
is a woman on the edge and her verbal comments about the other
alliance and James has shown that she is not an angel.

That all being said – I still have my favorites, and in the end I
won’t be shutting off the show if they all get evicted. I would also
not have a problem talking to any of these people outside of the BB
house. Face it – when you get put in a box for 40+ (so far) days
your mental state changes dramatically. So before you attack your
least favorite houseguest out there on the net – remember that chances
are you would come off looking just as bad were you in their shoes!!!