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Jurors Return – Endurance HoH Competition.

Posted August 22nd, 2013 by
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8:45pm Elissa won – she is the now HoH.  Judd returns to play again but did fall off before the end.

8:15pm Helen and Candice fell out in rapid succession so Judd will return to the house.  Currently Elissa has 7 balls, Judd 5, Amanda 4 and GinaMarie 3.


7:45pm Fake bit – “Fan” runs on set and it chased off by security guard.  HGs were not amused.

7:39pm Jessie is out.  Andy as well.

7:35pm – when the feeds came back McCrae and Spencer were already out.  Then Andy fell off.  Currently Elissa leads with 5 balls – then Amanda and Jessie with 4 and Judd has 3.

Short and sweet.  I’ve been a bit burnt out and busy but tonight is another endurance competition where Helen, Jessie, Judd or Candice will get back in the house.

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