Tons of fights on the Big Brother Live Feeds! A timeline.

There was a TON of fighting last night in the Big Brother house.   Mostly over built up tension as the HGs scramble for alliances and doubt one another – and ponder who might have the mysterious ‘power.’

Here is a basic time line of the fights (and a few other notable events) last night for those that want to go back and look via Flashback.  Flashback is included as a part of the Big Brother live feeds subscription so if you have that you can look at the fights for yourself.

Times are approximate

10:05pm-10:20pm Cam 1/2 Russel and Chima in HoH room talking about things Michele has said – then Chima calls up Michele to the HoH.  1st Fight ensues mainly between Russel and Chima.


10:30pm-10:35pm Cam 1/2 Russel tells Natalie Michelle is a doctor and Natalie goes to Michele and asks her.


11:10pm cam 1/2 – Kevin and Ronnie get into a fight in the bathroom over ‘lies.’


11:25pm cam 1/2 – Kevin to DR – wants Kevin in trouble for bumping him.

11:26pm cam 1/2 – Chima throws water in Russel’s face leading to the next huge fight.


11:45pm All four cams at one point or another. Last round of fighting – Kevin, Michele, Natalie and Ronnie involved.


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