Luxury Competition Tomorrow.

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It didn’t take long for Dan to snag the card that the Sumo Wrestler was sitting on.

The Wrestler stood up and clapped hands at least two times – perhaps more since the feeds were off for a little bit after the show ended.

Dan was sitting on the couch by him when he stood up and he quickly grabbed the card and read it to the others – the card said they would play for a luxury tomorrow and someone would win a chance to leave the house.

They have all speculated on what it might be – looks to me like the VMA awards would be the perfect thing to take someone too – maybe they will get to present an award with Craig Fergeson or some such thing.

Anyways – now Memphis and Dan are playing chess as they wait to get in his HoH room.

I’ll let you know who wins the luxury as soon as I know myself.

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2 thoughts on “Luxury Competition Tomorrow.”

  1. Ithink keesha can definitjly win it if she is sitting beside dan in the end. Did you hear what the JH said about HIM?! Only april holds a jealous grudge against keesha. Usually the JH calms down a bit to think about strategy in deciding winner, so anyone could win imo. I had to laugh when april said she ‘ left the house with dignity’ and keesha didn’t!!! ha ha ha ha What world is she living in?

  2. I thought that part about leaving with dignity was funny also. I guess she hasn’t seen the You Tube footage of her and Ollie yet, very dignified!!!!

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