Penalty Nomination Version II – NIX THAT!

When last we left Big Brother Jen had been informed she would receive a penalty Nom for eating banned foods while on slop.

The penalty nomination was explained as being in effect next week and would mean Jen would automatically be nominated and would not be able to save herself with the Power of Veto.

Before they went to bed Zach Dick and Eric had all come to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to vote out Jameka this week and then Jen next week.

The producers seem to have spent the night discussing how to fully dole out this first ever “penalty nomination” (slightly revised from Jen’s initial description) and today they laid it out for the HGs currently in the house (Amber and Daniele still have not returned from their trip).

We were kept watching trivia whole some of the details of Jen’s punishment were explained. What I do know is that when the feeds returned Zach, Dick, Eric and Jessica seemed to be giving Jen the silent treatment and the way they talked Jen will have one vote to evict automatically this week. Dick at one point said she will be evicted 6-0 instead of 5-0 now.

Tonight’s show will make no reference to any of this. It will end with Daniele putting Jen on the block after removing Amber.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: There is no penalty nomination. BB reversed itself (realized Jen might be staying it seems) and Jen now will only receive an extra vote to evict this week for ruining Dick’s cigarettes. She managed to find a loophole in the rule book that allows her to eat regular food.

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7 thoughts on “Penalty Nomination Version II – NIX THAT!”

  1. Way to go Jen! Dick is absolutely disgusting. The way he degrades Jennifer is so wrong. He calls her all of these names that are horrible and any woman should feel insulted. His daughter treats him like the scum he is – I guess that’s some payback. I say Jen’s attack is long overdue and she should be congratulated for finally standing up to this horrible creature named Dick. I absolutely hate him and am dismayed that Big Brother would let him talk that way to her not to mention dumping a glass of tea on her head. This may be my last season watching this show if that is the way players are treated!

  2. BJohnson –

    Dick is so vile – I guess CBS cares more about ratings than the way they allow Dick to treat a fellow HG. The after dark 3 hours really show how disgusting he is — the names he calls people along with his body language is very unacceptable. If this happened on the street, he could be charged with assault and if he touched her they could add battery to the charge.

    I get that BB8 is a game show I used to enjoy it. – I think they need to change some of the rules in past seasons people fought and schemed they did not have to stoop to the level of such unacceptable behavior – he loves his daughter that is great – but I can understand why she hasn’t spoken to him for so long.

    Last thought – if this is not the true Richard (ED) and this is his choice of strategy – in my opinion he should have been removed from the game a long time ago. He is violating many of the HG’s past/present basic human rights. To me that is not entertainment.

  3. OK HATERS get over yourself. Dick is playing a total up front game. If Jen or whoever is in the house can not take the heat get out then!!!!! How could anyone sign up to play this game and not expect problems??? For the love of God that is exactly why they made this show, and why MTV makes reallife and Survivor, the list goes on and on. Jen is a Ass and to be honest so is all the rest other then Jess, who is just letting all of them pick each other off. You had dustin who thought he was KING of the house , Dick who thinks he is a Dick of the house, Amber who is the Emotinal wreck of the house, Jamika (or however you spell it) Being a Holy roller, Eric who thinks he is the ultimate big brother player of all time, Zach who is just well??? Let’s just say Zach is a rock in the backyeard and plays as smart as a rock, Danielle who has a long list of issues stemming from Daddy issues. And last but not least Jen who is the dumbest smart girl on the planet. With all this said Jess is probrably the smartest player and must laugh herself to sleep everynight with all these charecters how can she not be in the final 2. So in conclusion stop the “HATING” and take the show for what it is a experiment in human behavior and stupidity.

  4. I for one love watching BB..and Dick may be alittle over the top, but I love it. He at least is calling out the truth in what is being done. As the FloridaDude said IT IS A GAME!!!! Who really doesn’t watch this show for the antics of others. Every realty show has someone you love to hate..BB has MANY!!!! Love It.

  5. Are you kidding, no way should Jen servive this week. She should leave now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Holy Crap!!! You should see Jen looking for her stuff. She just asked Danielle if she could go into the HOH room to look and Danielle was able to dodge it for now. It is hilarious to say the least. I hope everytime she she grabs a door handle to hurts her cigarette burn on her hand.

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