POV Meeting Results.

As things go in the house, not a lot went on Sunday that was related to game-play.

However today was the day when Daniele would go back on her word to yet another HG.

Not that I blame her, but Daniele did promise Jen she ‘had her back.’ last week when it looked like Dick was going home. Now that he isn’t she put her on the block after saving Amber with the POV.

I don’t think even the producers are going to try to save Jen and I almost wonder if America will tell Eric to vote her out as he is planning.

Amber and Daniele have been told they may go on their trip any time in the next 48 hours. It has to be soon so it can be filmed. I’ve looked to see if there is any big event going on and I see nothing in the LA area so I haven’t a clue what they might be doing. We won’t find out until they return.

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3 thoughts on “POV Meeting Results.”

  1. They are going to a taping of the POWER OF 10!!! Isn’t that what the POV comp was like? It is a CBS show and airs right after BB some nights.

  2. As much as I do not like DICK, Jen went and destroyed all of DICK’s cigarettes and he took all of her clothes and locked them into the HOH room. DICK got 3 cartons back from Big Brother and Jen has not stopped crying about it. She was told that she was allowed to destroy cigarettes and feels that she was lied to so she is eating regular food in her own protest. I can not believe that I am starting to like DICK more than Jen. WOW!!!

  3. Jen is actually fake laughing at everything that is going on. She even went to Eric and Jessica trying to sway there opinions on DICK and Danielle, but they were able to stop her by showing they really did not care what she had to say. It was sweet.

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