Nominations and Battle of the Block Result!

Since today is the 4th of July it seems CBS was in a rush to get some things out of the way as they have a big 4th of July party on the lot where Big Brother is shot each season and they didn’t want the house guest outside hearing the party going on.

So rather than have nominations on Friday afternoon, Big Brother announced they would be held around 12:30am Big Brother time and newly crowned HoH’s Devin and Amber had to come up with nominees in just a couple hours.

As many of us have the  Big Brother Live Feeds and can see what the HGs are up to most of the time, we watched Devin, Amber, Caleb, Derrick and Frankie all discuss who might go up.  Devin really wants Brittany gone as he feels she colluded with Joey last week and was working against him.  Devin also said he wanted to put up Paola as a week player that would not win in the Battle of the Block.  Amber wanted to put up Paola too and said she would only put up one girl.  Since there are only two guys not in her alliance and one of those is Donny whom she never wants to nominate, she decided to put up Hayden.  Devin won the battle to put up Paola and Amber, with help from Derrick and Caleb, came up with Nicole as her second nomination.


Frankie and Caleb talk after Thursday night’s show.

The nominations were then held and shortly after the Battle of the Block.  Brittiny and Paola lost the battle and so remain nominated.  Amber was dethroned as HoH which leaves Devin as the sole HoH and safe from eviction this week (along with Hayden and Nicole) – everyone else can go up if the POV is used.  Expect it to be played for on Saturday.

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