HoH Competition Results – Replay Required!

As I predicted, Joey was indeed voted out 13-0 and the only person surprised was Joey.  What was more surprising was the Dual HoH competition that Big Brother had.  The men and women played two separate competitions and Amber won for the women and even though he was third Devin ended up being declared the winner as first Hayden and then Cody fell off the balance beam they were running across.

Shortly after the show ended the  Big Brother Live Feeds came on as we got to watch the HGs scrambling as everyone wanted Devin to go out this week.


Devin talks to some of the other HGs after tonight’s live eviction show.

Devin can end up going out next Thursday if the following happens.  Devin’s nominations will need to lose the Battle of the Block (BoB) competition which will dethrone Devin as HoH.  Then anyone BUT Devin will need to win the POV competition.  If that happens the POV can be used and Amber can put up Devin as the replacement nomination.

Devin has said he wants to see Paola and Brittany nominated.  If he makes those his nominations and Amber nominates two competitively strong players – there is a good chance Devin will not be HoH by the end of the weekend.

The live feeds will continue 24×7 for the next three months. You can check them out for yourself by clicking here or via any banner link on the site!

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