Jurors Return – Endurance HoH Competition.

8:45pm Elissa won – she is the now HoH.  Judd returns to play again but did fall off before the end.

8:15pm Helen and Candice fell out in rapid succession so Judd will return to the house.  Currently Elissa has 7 balls, Judd 5, Amanda 4 and GinaMarie 3.


7:45pm Fake bit – “Fan” runs on set and it chased off by security guard.  HGs were not amused.

7:39pm Jessie is out.  Andy as well.

7:35pm – when the feeds came back McCrae and Spencer were already out.  Then Andy fell off.  Currently Elissa leads with 5 balls – then Amanda and Jessie with 4 and Judd has 3.

Short and sweet.  I’ve been a bit burnt out and busy but tonight is another endurance competition where Helen, Jessie, Judd or Candice will get back in the house.

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4 thoughts on “Jurors Return – Endurance HoH Competition.”

  1. this is the worst cast ever someone needs to have some heart and get amamda her man the racist and they wimp out please give us something worth looking at

  2. This week was the week Amanda was going out of the house. And wow she wins the veto. How bout that for cbs bb production stepping in to keep the porno queen. Noone wants to see her and mccrae or listen to her big ugly disgusting mouth or see her 40 something body splattered all over the feeds in her underwear. Please be more careful when casting these people. We have hg’s on there who will actually compete like Judd, Elissa, GM, even nasty Spencer and Andy. Get these foul mouthed people off of here and quit fixing the show. This will be the very last I will watch unless amanda and mccrae go home. I am no recording or watching the show at all this week and have cancelled my feeds. Thanks for a crappy season again. This was the worst. And please talk to amanda and mccrae about getting some professional help.

  3. I, like Sharon Robbins, am thoroughly disgusted with this season. Yesterday, Aug. 25th, was the worst day ever. Why didn’t CBS stop Amanda from torturing Ellisa? And….she continued it this morning. Amanda is the ultimate scum. This non-action by CBS only helps to confirm the rumors that Amanda has been picked, from the beginning, to win. If she or McCrae win, I will NEVER watch BB again.

  4. I agree! This has been the worst BB of all!!! I usually can’t wait for the shows to come on but this season I have not cared whether or not I saw it. And I wasted my money on the live feeds which I will not do again. Way to go CBS for ruining everyone’s BB experience this season by doing absolutely nothing. Sure hope you do a better job casting next year. And why in the world is Amanda your pick and why rig the season for her? REALLY? No longer a BB fan!

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