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8:25pm In other news – the boxes were opened. Spencer, Helen and Candice were the first three off.  Candice won the $5,000 – Helen won a BBQ for her and 3 people – Spencer has to talk through a megaphone until nominations.


8:00pm McCrae falls – Gina Marie is HoH.  Candice won the $5k


7:52pm The final two.


7:49pm Jesse is down and GinaMarie is almost begging McCrae to let her win it.  He won’t give in though.

7:40pm It is down to McCrae, GinaMarie and Jesse.  If Jesse or GinaMarie get this we may have loads of drama.


7:31pm Andy and Judd also off.


7:27pm Elissa and Candice are also off.  I am unsure of the order they came off.

7:23pm BB reversed the direction of the barrel and Spencer fell off followed almost immediately by Helen – and now Amanda

7:07pm I’m blogging while I watch.  But you should really get the  Big Brother Live Feeds for yourself.


No one is off yet.  Howard was evicted 7-1.

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  1. I will never understand why they didn’t take the chance to take Amanda out! I really hope whoever wins HOH will put McGrae, and Amanda up and with any luck Helen will be America’s choice. Just to show they aren’t in control!!

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