Big Brother Endurance Competition Tonight? We Think So!

Tonight the 5th house guest will be voted out of the Big Brother house and it will be the fourth male as Howard is the one that will be talking to Julie.  The houseguests have been locked inside the house for over 36 hours.  Therefore after the eviction we anticipate an Endurance Head of Household (HoH) competition so today would be a good time to try the Big Brother Live Feeds as the next HoH will most likely be decided after the show ends tonight.

bb152043-1951Howard actually thinks they might have a chance to get at least a tie vote because he thinks that Andy and perhaps Judd or Jesse might be willing to vote out Amanda.  In the case of a 4-4 tie (8 vote tonight), Aaryn would cast the tie-breaking vote.  Aaryn has promised Amanda and others that she wouldn’t vote her out but in reality it shouldn’t matter as Andy and Judd are pretty much locks to vote out Howard.

If tonight is indeed an endurance competition, the next HoH will be determined based in part on the type of competition it is.  Andy competition that involves hanging will favor a small, light person.  Something that involves sitting and swinging and getting wet/cold may favor a bigger person who can keep their body heat longer (small thin people usually get colder faster).  A competition similar to the BBQ sauce one (it won’t be) tends to favor taller people with longer strides.  Keep it in mind as you see the reveal but also remember that some HGs may feel very save and not try to win.

I will update the site as needed during the competition if you don’t have the Live Feeds but I strongly suggest trying them out – you get 2 days free so you would be able to watch the competition and the nomination process tomorrow.

Sign up now and check out the live feeds for yourself!

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