Monday POV Ceremony Results – Tuesday Fights

The last two Tuesday’s have been busy in the drama department on the Big Brother Live Feeds.  But before I get to Tuesday I should cover Monday’s POV Ceremony which went as expected.  Spencer saved himself with the POV he won on Saturday and Aaryn, as the person that nominated Spencer, got to name the replacement and put up Candice.  Some people thought the 2nd highest MVP vote getter would have been nominated but that would only have happened in the case that Amanda had been saved by the POV.

bb15cap2227Amanda has been extremely paranoid since she went up for nomination on Saturday and she is convinced that Howard is the MVP and thus nominated her.  Spencer meanwhile has been trying to get the votes together to vote Amanda out and thus keep both Howard and Candice safe.  The problem is that there aren’t enough people that want to go against Amanda, McCrae, Helen, etc etc.  Judd and Andy have lied to Spencer though and let him think they might be willing to flip and vote Amanda out.  Because they are mostly loyal to Amanda, she knows that Spencer has been campaigning to get her out.

Today around 12:29 Amanda confronted Spencer and sorta accused him of going after her.  Spencer lied and maintained that he was going after Candice.  This is a discussion well worth checking out so if you have the Live Feeds tune in and watch.

bb15cap2232A couple hours later Candice, who had heard Spencer said he was voting for her, called a house meeting where she read Spencer the riot act.  Its another place to check out – point your player to 3pm to hear Candice bawl Spencer out in front of the entire house.

bb15cap2233The last event worth checking out is a bit controversial.  We only see a brief glimpse of Howard whispering to Amanda around 5:10pm on Camera 4 – then the cam cuts away and you have to switch to Cams 1/2 – after Howard walks away Amanda tells Andy and Judd that Howard whispered something to the effect of wanting to hook up with her after the show. All we can go on is Amanda’s word for now and I suspect this will never be seen on the CBS show.  Watch it and decide for yourself!

Howard is still on a path to head home on Thursday.  Aaryn is upset because she wants Candice to go and feels she has no control. Of course thats her own fault for keeping her ‘deal’ with Amanda and Helen to be kept safe and put up people they wanted.

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