Live Eviction Night – Endurance HoH Competition?

David was evicted as expected with 7 votes.  Elissa got 5 – Jessie 0.

Now the HGs are competing in an endurance HoH challenge.  HGs were randomly paired. The winning pair must decide between them who will be HoH.  Pairs coming up shortly

6:02pm I will update this when the feeds come back with the current status.   The pairs are working to fill jugs with chilli.

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6:43pm Feeds came back and it looks like Aaryn and Jeremy are about tied with Andy and Elissa – however Judd and Nick chose to fill up the small jug first and now have a bigger scoop to try to catch up.

6:10pm Feeds are still on trivia but should be back soon.  The HGs are in pairs (except McCrae who can’t compete).

They are Spencer & Helen

Candice & GinaMarie

Andy & Elissa

Amanda & Kaitlyn

Judd & Nick

Jeremy & Aaryn

Jessie & Howard

7:02pm The competition went faster than I expected.   Jeremy managed to get the ball out of his and Aaryn’s jug before Andy – who was in second at the time.  Jeremy or Aaryn will be the next HoH

7:30pm Looks like Aaryn is the new HoH.


David will soon – or already has walked out of the house by the time you see this.  What may still be going on is a Head of House competition of the endurance kind.

I’ll post the new HoH as soon as it is known – if it is an Endurance Competition I’ll post updates – however you might want to try the live feeds yourself by clicking a link below – you get a free trial when you sign up to try them out.

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