Power of Veto Competition Results.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!After todays POV I really was thinking Thursdays vote would be set in stone – but now I am wondering and amazing things are going on on the feeds.  You can see them too if you  sign up for the free three day trial via this Big Brother Live Feeds trial LINK.

Danielle won the POV in what has become an annual BB tradition (that I hate) of the ‘secret santa’ or ‘white elephant’ game where they HGs compete for an order to pick ‘gifts’ or ‘prizes’ and pretty much the last person to go can take the POV or if he or she is ok with who has it, can pick a nice gift.  A couple penalty gifts are usually tossed in each season one involving some type of solitary confinement and another involving a ‘tard’ – as in Unitard.

Here is who ended up with what – first note that Boogie didn’t get picked to play so Danielle’s fears that he would and that he would win and save Frank were all for naught (darn it!):

POV Winner: Danielle

Veto Pass Card: Shane (I think he gets to play in the next POV no matter what)

$5,000: Wil

Trip to Hawaii:  Jenn

Dress like and be treated like a dog for 24 hours: Ian (see image above)

Spirit tard until next Thursday:   Frank. (see image above)

While Danielle winning the POV is very bad news for Frank and Boogie – they still have not given up and Saturday night they went to Britney with a proposal of trying to get out Janelle this week.  Will she try to work with them on this plan? Stay tuned!

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