Big Brother Live Show Tonight – Endurance Competition Expected

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!I’ll update this thread as the Endurance Competition goes on.  Big Brother pulled a fast one tonight in order to save Frank who would have gone out.  They knew the coaches would play.  If you want to see the Endurance Competition yourself – sign up NOW.  Big Brother Live Feeds LINK

10:15pm Danielle – the first female HoH for season 14.

10:10pm Danielle is the new HoH.  First Ian jumped off and then Britney.  Shane jumped on Danielle and kissed her.  You can BET that will make TV.

10:02pm It appears Ian was NOT DQ’d – the competition continues.

9:51pm Ian is probably DQ’d.  He stepped on another plank and flipped around. Waiting to be told.

9:45pm Janelle went off shortly after Wil and Shane.  Its down to the three smallest people and all seem to want it.  Earlier Joe revealed to Boogie that Frank was going to go.  Boogie has told Frank. Expect fallout.

9:38pm Wil and Shane jumped off together.  Down to Danielle, Janelle, Britney and Ian.

9:30pm Shane and Janelle are having the hardest time – they will most likely be the next out – however no one has dropped since Frank.  This is a quad cam view.

9:07pm Frank just fell in.  Down to six.

9pm Two hours in and seven HGs remain in the competition. Left to right Shane, Frank, Wil, Danielle, Janelle, Britney and Ian.

8:45pm Ashley went out and Dan quit right after her.

8:30pm 90 minutes in and 9 HGs remain on the ship.  No one else has dropped.  Next update at 8:45pm

8:15pm Of those still in the game, everyone seems to be in pretty good shape,  the next update will be at 8:30pm unless someone falls in before then.

8:10pm 9 HGs are still in the competition. Mike Boogie, Jenn and Joe are out (in that order).

8:05pm And now Joe is out.

8:03pm Boogie jumped in and Jenn jumped in almost right after him.

7:45pm Still no one out. Joe and Boogie seem to be hurting though.

7:30pm Everyone is still up.  Its easy right now – will get much harder soon.  Mike Boogie has said he won’t last very long. next update 6:45pm

7:15pm Here is everyone – STILL on – I think Ian said he already pee’d himself. Next update @ 6:30pm

7:10pm Feeds JUST came back – everyone is still on.  Next update at 7:15pm

Are you ready for tonight’s live Big Brother Episode? Do you have the Big Brother Live Feeds subscription so you can watch the anticipated Endurance Competition?  Sign up now so you are ready. Boogie will probably be fit to be tied if Frank is voted out as we expect.

Frank and Boogie really do not seem to see this coming – they are convinced that Wil will vote for his teammate Joe to go home – however Wil plans to vote out Frank.  Boogie and Frank think they will go after Shane next week (seen at the left reading the Big Brother Rule Book on Wednesday) but I think that plan will go out the window once the coaches enter the game like we think will happen.

I’ll be here updating the site every 15 to 20 minutes during the endurance competition but you’d be much better off checking things out yourself – the feeds come with a free three day trial so you really have nothing to lose.

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