Power of Vet Meeting Monday. Potential Fireworks!

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Sunday’s  Big Brother Live Feeds tend to be quiet  compared to some other days.  For a lot of this past Sunday that was the case.  But late in the afternoon Joe started working on Shane to save himself and while his plea sounded ridiculous it may have ended up influencing Shane a little and where things ended up standing early on Monday morning.

Recounting all the craziness would take me an hour but lets just say this.  In the end Janelle convinced Britney that Frank is more dangerous in the house than Joe, especially with the suspected coaches joining the game – Janelle’s logic is they want Frank gone before they have to compete against him and if he stays he and Boogie will be impossible to beat assuming they team up when the coaches play.

With that ‘logic’ Britney was swayed to push Shane on the idea of trying to get Frank out by using the Power of Veto on Monday and saving Ashley and then putting Frank up in her place.  They then want to keep Frank from panicing by telling him Danielle will vote to keep him on Thursday and then in reality having Danielle cast the deciding vote and evicted Frank.

If this actually goes down the way it is scheduled currently, with Shane using the POV and nominating Frank, there may be some major fireworks over the next couple days as both Joe and Frank scramble to stay in the game.

If you have the live feeds you can use flashback to see all the wheeling and dealing – it was going on almost all night Sunday night until the early morning hours on Monday.

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