Power of Veto Competition Results – Shane and Danielle Kiss, Sort Of.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Saturday had a few interesting moments on Big Brother Live Feeds. It began with the selection of those who would get to participate in the Power of Veto Competition later in the day.  Selected to participate in addition to Shane, Joe and Ashley was Frank, Danielle and Wil.  While we don’t get to see the selection process or the competition itself on the feeds, we find out right afterwards what happened because the house guests can’t help but discuss it.

The actual competition itself is a bit of a mystery so far – I don’t know the details of what was involved but I do know that Shane won it.  Thats three out of three wins in the Power of Veto competitions for Shane.  He is making quite a name for himself in competitions and may find himself nominated pretty quickly next time nominations are made since it appears he will be very hard to get out.  Since Shane nominated Ashley and Joe for eviction it seems unlikely that he will use the POV on Monday but you can bet Joe will try hard to get taken down as it is obvious he is Shane’s target.

One of the things apparently won in the coaches competition was a Sushi dinner for the coaches, Shane and a guest (we are guessing) – Danielle was the guest.  Meanwhile the other HGs started to have a celebration for Wil’s birthday and after the Sushi Party came inside and things got a bit crazy.  Wil and Ian did a little streaking and the HGs played Spin the Bottle where we saw Boogie kiss Ashley and Shane kiss Danielle (and other kissing others – too many to list).  If you have the live feeds you can use flashback to see the goings on – it started aroung 10pm on Saturday night.

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