Power of Veto Meeting Results. Live Feed Highlights.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Monday is the traditional day for the Power of Veto meeting so as expected the Big Brother Live Feeds were turned off for a brief time Monday afternoon so Shane, who won the Power of Veto on Saturday, could save himself and force current HoH Frank to put someone up in his place next to the other nominee JoJo.

Thats what will be shown on tonight’s tv show after the nominations and the recap of Willie Hantz being removed from the house.

If I had to call it I would say that Danielle will stay Thursday night and JoJo will be evicted.  However this could easily change tonight so if it does I’ll be sure to put up a new post.

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One thought on “Power of Veto Meeting Results. Live Feed Highlights.”

  1. Thanks Rose for your comment! JoJo knows she is going now – its not even a question.

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