Willie Hantz Exit – What CBS Didn’t Show From The Live Feeds.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Sunday shows normally end with the Nomination Ceremony (I’ll re-tell you who was nominated at the end) but tonight’s show ended with Willie Hantz being thrown off the show after getting in a tussle with Joe and Janelle.  This all went down on Friday.

Those of us that subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds know that CBS didn’t show the viewer everything that went on so we have to wonder what else they didn’t show.

For example, Joe knew Willie was upset and told Janelle that he could make him “blow up” if he wanted to.   Janelle encouraged him, telling Joe to, “Do it Do it!” – if you are a Live Fee subscriber you can use the Flashback feature to go back and see Joe and Janelle have this discussion.  Just go to Friday, July 20 at 3:40pm on cameras 3 & 4.  You can also watch him tell Mike Boogie and Frank the same thing a minute later on cameras 1 & 2.

While Willie is certainly responsible for his own actions and he was saying he was going to knock someone out shortly before he bumped chests with Joe, it was interesting to see how CBS decided to not show any of Joe’s instigating.  He got what we would call the ‘good edit’ on Sunday’s show for sure.

Nominations went on after Willie was tossed out and Frank put up JoJo and Shane.  Then on Saturday Shane won the Power of Veto and we are waiting for the Power of Veto Ceremony to be held on Monday where we expect Frank to put up Danielle in Shane’s place.

For a more detailed list of camera times to check out for the past weeks of Willie issues, check this post on ILoveReality.com.

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