Big Brother Live Feeds Off For Hours – One House Guest Gone When They Return.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Willie Hantz is no longer living in the Big Brother 14 House.  After being upset about the results of today’s Coaches Competition he was heard to say he was going to “Knock somebody out” and shortly after the live feeds were cut for about 4 1/2 hours.

We still do not know all of the details, however its a sure thing Willie is off of Big Brother 14.  Shane and Jojo appear to be nominated.

The actual coaches competition was won by Janelle who chose to make Ashley ‘safe’ from nomination.  Janelle then picked Shane, Willie, Jojo and Ian as “Have Nots.”

Willie was mad that his ‘team’ seemed to be singled out and felt that Jojo and Shane were being picked on for things had done.  He was storming around the house for the 10 minutes the feeds were on after the competition (you can watch it on flashback 3:35pm to about 3:45pm BB time on Friday).  It sounds like after the feeds  the following went on (according to Ian who told us on the feeds – you can listen to him via Flashback at 9:10pm BB time):

  • Willie kicked a door and  cursed a lot according to Ian.
  • In the bathroom Willie head butted and chest bumped Joe
  • Production came over the PA and Joe was told to stay in the bathroom and Willie told to go to the DR.
  • On the way to the DR Willie Threw pork rinds at Janelle and called her a bitch
  • Janelle said F you Willie, bye bye!
  • Willie went into the Diary Room and never came back.
  • Allison Grodner came over the PA and talked to them 2 hours later, told them Willie wasn’t returning.
  • Then there were nominations and Jojo and Shane went up.

So Willie is gone – I doubt Kara will come back as some have speculated.  We should get to see some of the stuff we missed on Sunday night.

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