Did Janelle Cheat in the HoH Competition?

Time for another controversy I guess.  I didn’t get to see the HoH competition until 2am eastern time so I knew going into it that there was some questions as to the legitimacy of Janelle’s victory based on several e-mails that I got.

I made a point not to read any of them beforehand but just the subject lines alone indicated I should pay attention to Janelle and her answer.

The main part of the HoH competition involved the HGs turning this box and showing the face of an evicted HG (or the word NONE) as an answer.  It looked to me like a couple of the people that lost earlier had technical problems with the cumbersome rotating thing – specifically Maggie who missed an obvious question.  Looked to me like she just couldn’t get the thing turned. 

For those that missed the the final three participants were April, Beau and Janelle.  For a tie-breaker the 3 remaining HGs each had a big white board and a marker and were told to write down the number of light bulbs used in the movie luxury challenge.

Each HG began writing on their board, Beau and April had theirs laying flat and Janelle held hers up to write on it.  They could not see each other so the way they held it wasn’t too important except in Janelle’s case.  Beau and Janelle began writing almost immediately while April stood there and pondered.

It seems that at the last second Janelle had a change of mind and flipped the board over to write a different number.  This exposed the back side of the board where you could clearly see the number 300 upside-down on the board – but Janelle was writing on the other side.

Beau revealed his number first – 175 – Julie had asked to see the numbers and Janelle was obviously writing on the other side – April still had not revealed her numbers.

Julie told Janelle that her number was upside down (but that was the other number – Janelle really should have crossed it out before flipping it over),  Janelle was busy writing on the other side – after Julie’s comment Janelle put the board down and capped her pen – something that took a couple seconds – meanwhile this entire time April had still not revealed her number.  In reality April didn’t even begin writing her number until Janelle had already started on the other side of the board (trust me on this – I have run my Tivo back and forth about 5 times watching).

Janelle was the SECOND person to hold up the number she had been writing on the other side of the card, 275.

Lastly April held up her number, 145.

Janelle was declared the winner when the number was revealed to be 286.

Thus the controversy – I am assuming some of these letters I have yet to read are going to inform me that Janelle should have been forced to keep her first number.

All I can say is what so many HGs like to say – watch the tapes.  Janelle had time to write two different numbers before April had her first one written – if they had had more than one board to write on she would have tossed that first one aside and started with a new one – she didn’t so she turned it over – her different way of writing, with the board held vertically – allowed us to see her first (and wrong) attempt.

If April had had her card held high before Janelle I might have felt a little different – but she didn’t.  Last week I defended Jennifer and said I didn’t think she cheated, this week I will defend Janelle and say the same thing.

If the producers wanted Jennifer to win last week and rigged it – why would they want Janelle to win this week?  Sorry – no controversy here – it was a fair game and Janelle won just as Jennifer did last week.

And yes – I am a ‘fan’ of the Janelle, Howie, Rachel group but as most readers of my site know – I try my best not to react with my emotions.  Congrats to Janelle and thanks for the letters.

**Addendum…  now I have read the letters so let me try to address a couple things…

  • The eliminated HGs were sitting where they could see the remaining HGs – if Janelle had tried some switch-a-roo you can bet the would have jumped all over her (as a matter of fact someone said you can hear Ivette raising a little stink that she had 300 first – but as I said – she had changed it to 275 before April had even shown her number at all).
  • Janelle had ONE and only ONE card – she flipped it over – there was no trickery with the camera.
  • Julie was confused – but from watching the replay I don’t even think Janelle heard her when she said her number was upside down – she was too busy writing her lower number.
  • Did you catch Jennifer?  She was sooo ticked off that she didn’t give the key to Janelle – she tossed it away like a child throwing a tantrum and Janelle had to go get it out of the grass.  Not very cool – sheesh – and to think I LIKED her a couple weeks ago!!!
  • OOOPS  someone wrote me this morning and I checked the tape myself.  Janelle did say several things to Jennifer and the other women – (calling them b**ches) – she also flipped off Jennifer after she tossed the key (and it looks like Janelle might have called Jennifer a b**ch right before Jennifer tossed it – ok – to think i liked ANY of them – lol.