Since my website is down – I’ll try posting this here…..

The Big Brother producers have managed to keep this one quiet and have now officially released the following information (exact quote here).  The new HoH will nominate two people live on the air tonight.  Then on Saturday we will see another eviction.

Things that were not explained in the press release:

  • Will there be a POV competition before the eviction?
  • When will the eviction actually occur?  The press release does not say the eviction on Saturday will be live – so I am going to assume it may happen later tonight or possibly Friday.
  • Will there be another HoH crowned after the eviction or will the person that becomes HoH tonight be allowed to nominate two more people?

These questions not being answered will mean a lot of people will be glued to the live feeds after the show tonight to see exactly what happens.

My guess is that after nominations and the end of the show the HGs will either be told they have a few hours until they must vote – or that there will be a vote first thing in the morning.  Julie Chen will have to stay around to interview the evicted HG so it very well may happen late tonight and be followed by a second HoH competition. 

On a side note this new development  almost assures that the antics of Howie from Monday and Tuesday will get very little or no air time.  The need to have an eviction, HoH competition, and nominations will fill up almost the entire hour.

Conspiracy theorists might want to have fun with this one – what if the producers won’t decide the fate of the new HoH until after they see who wins it?  If one of the “Friendship” alliance wins it they might decide to make them play for a new HoH alliance so that the other alliance is not completely decimated, but if say, Howie wins the HoH they might let him keep the HoH for the entire week and pick of 2 members of the “Friendship” alliance.

With the large amount of dissapointment over the likely eviction of Kaysar tonight – this might be just the shot in the arm the show needed – thanks CBS for mixing it up!!!

Here is the text of the press release as I have it:

“The first double eviction on this season’s edition of BIG BROTHER will take place this week with the elimination of two contestants from the house. One houseguest will be sent home on the live show Thursday, August 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). Following the live eviction and Head of Household competition, the new HOH will immediately go to the diary room where Julie will inform him/her that they have to nominate two people immediately for eviction.

The new HOH will then go back into the living room and nominate two people LIVE on air. The second eviction will be broadcast on Saturday, August 20 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and that person will be become the first member of the BIG BROTHER 6 jury. ”