Friday – Nominations and Luxury Competition

After last nights exit by Andrew and fights between Kristen and Rachel, the Big Brother live feeds should continue to be entertaining.  Rachel got in lots of digs last night after she and Kristen had their argument.  Details of those fights – and the cause are descibed in great detail in this post.

Today there will be the first luxury competition – where the HGs will win something – be it a movie for some – or prizes – hard to tell – I will know later on after it as finished.

Then there will be the parade of house guests in to Rachels HoH room as she tries to decide who to nominate.  Although it is not a ‘lock’ I would say chances are good that Kristen will be one of the two nominees.  Hayden has already been in to talk to Rachel this morning and he may save himself from nominations if he talks to the Brendon and Rachel in the right way.

I will post an update as to the outcome of the Luxury Competition and who the new nominees are once they are known.

Luxury Competition Results (1pm Friday): Looks like Rachel, Brendon, Hayden, and Enzo won – they get to watch the soon to be released movie “The Other Guys” which is a comedy cop movie starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

Nominations (6:20pm Friday): Rachel nominated Hayden and Kristen.  Rachel said “Bring It On” to Hayden and Kristen after nominating them.

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