A Live Eviction To Be Sure To Catch

Watching the Big Brother live feeds yesterday evening, Andrew did call a house meeting as he had said he would – but he simply apologized to everyone for the way he behaved in his fight with Kristen. It was a bit of a let down from what I had been hoping for.

However Andrew now plans on exposing Kristen and Haydens relationship tonight during the live show.  He hopes that this will cause problems for the two of them and help Brendan and Rachel after he is gone.

Problem is – he has told a few people he plans to expose an alliance tonight.  He told Enzo this and Enzo told several people – so they know something is coming.  Rachel also thinks she heard Kristen and Hayden kissing last night and she has told Brendon and Britney.

It still should make for an interesting night.  As of 4 hours before tonights show Andrew is still planning to tell the house and the country about Hayden and Kristen – he looked right in the camera and said he likes Hayden but doesn’t like Kristen and that is why he is doing it.

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