Power of Veto Meeting. Who Will Go Home?

On Monday the house guests had the Power of Veto ceremony and we weren’t shock to hear afterwards on the  live feeds that Brendon didn’t use it so either Andrew or Kathy will go home on Thursdays show.

Andrew speech apparently was very anti-Brendon – with Andrew saying he was gunning for Brendon and Rachel next week if he stayed in the house this week.

His plan it seems was to convince the other house guests that he not with Brendon and Rachel so they would save him.  The problem was his speech was so over the top – that most doubted its sincerity.

So now things have shifted and most of the house guests are currently in favor of voting out Andrew and keeping Kathy, which was not the plan at all when Matt made his nominations on Friday.

It will be interesting to see if CBS shows Andrew’s late nite concersation with Brendon on Friday night before the Power of Veto competition where he told Brendon that he (Andrew) would throw the competition to him and let him win the Power.  If Andrew goes home on Thursday he will have himself to blame in part.  Andrew also apparently signaled Brendon during the POV competition itself to tell him how to play – I have no clue if CBS will show that either.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Andrew is the most likely person to be told he has been evicted come this Thursday.

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One thought on “Power of Veto Meeting. Who Will Go Home?”

  1. Personally I have no preference as to who goes home. Both Andrew and Kathy are dull on the show. If I had to pick one, it would be Andrew…

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