Using Flashback To See Sundays Episode Un-Edited.

One of the things I have always said was great about Big Brother was the fact that those of us that subscribe to the Big Brother live feeds can see a lot of what is shown on TV Un-edited.

To demonstrate that – tonight I re-watched the TV show and I have created a fairly decent list of almost everything shown on TV and where you can go using the “Flashback” feature to see the same events without editing.  You will of course need to have a Live Feeds Subcription (Click for free three day trial) to see the events.

All times are listed for the “Quad” camera (the view that shows all four feeds at once.  You can then go to an individual camera if you like – however the times are sometimes slightly off from the time I have listed.

The show began with the HoH Endurance competition.  Here are the key points shown on the show and where to go on the Quad Cam.  Please note if you have not watched the feeds before – there are times – especially during competitions – where the feeds are blocked – this is usually because the production crew is talking to the house guests over speakers and they don’t let us hear what is said (the used to years ago – but not lately).

The Date for the HoH Competition is 7/22

6:02pm Feeds Return after the TV show has ended (feeds are blocked when the live show is on).

6:03pm Kathy and Lane fall off.

6:05pm Kristen falls off – cameras miss it

6:11pm Hayden pretty much jumps off.

6:11pm Britney falls off

6:34pm Enzo falls.

6:35pm Ragan comments about all the grief he took in high school (Shown on the show)

6:40pm Brendon falls off

7:23pm Andrew falls off

7:23pm Not shown – HGs are told there is food inside and they all leave Matt and Ragan alone.  Ragan apparently also asked to have some time alone with Matt (feeds may have been blocked when he asked).

7:23pm to 7:32pm Ragan and Matt talk and negotiate.  Ragan pretty much says he will let Matt have HoH with the undestanding that Rachel isn’t put up.  Feeds cut to screen saver at 7:32pm while they are still alone.

7:45pm Feeds return and some of the other HGs have gone back outside.  Ragan and Matt are still on their boards.

7:54pm Feeds cut away again – Ragan looks fine at this point.

We did not actually see Ragan fall off on the live feeds – they were blocked when it happened – but we all knew he had agreed to throw the competition to Matt and were just waiting to see him do it.

8:40pm Feeds finally return and we see Matt with the HoH key around his neck and know he has won.

Now on with the rest of the show.  We didn’t see Brendon talk to Rachel while she was on the floor – however we did watch the next scene.

8:40pm-9:00pm  Matt and Rachel talk for 20 minutes in the “Cabana” room.

The next scene is a funny one of Britney and Enzo talking about coffee vs cawfee.  I don’t know when that actually took place – if anyone knows let me know.  It may have even taken place before Annie was evicted.

7/22 2:56am-3:12am Brigade Meeting  – in this meeting Matt tells the Brigade he wants to back door Brendon – that part is not shown on TV (because of the way the feed work – this is technically 7/23 but for seeing it you need to enter 7/22).

7/22 3:13am Enzo, Matt and Lane discuss Hayden and Kristen while Hayden and Kristen are indeed kissing downstairs.  I didn’t realize this actually happened at the same time – but you can clearly see it on the quad camera (because of the way the feed work – this is technically 7/23 but for seeing it you need to enter 7/22).

7/15 1:30pm  Rachel cutting Enzo’s hair – Note – this took place the day of Annie’s eviction – it shows you how they can use old clips for a story line.  The time given is actually Rachel cutting Enzo’s hair – not Brendons – I don’t think the live feeds showed the scene they showed on TV but you can tell it is the same day as Rachel, Brendon and Andrew all wearing the same clothes.

7/20 12:43pm Britney and Lane make fun of Rachel and Brendon who are outside.  Note – this is actually before Monet was evicted – but the regular TV viewer wouldn’t have any way of knowing this.

7/23 1:45pm HGs get the America’s Choice Food.  This goes on for at least 15 minutes as they discover more food in the storage room.  If you watch the entire thing you will see Brendon pouting a lot about being a “have not” and mad at Hayden, Lane and the others that quit early the night before.

7/23 10:48am Rachel and Brendon meet with Matt in the HoH Room.  Notice the time frame – this took place before the Have Not food thing shown just previously.

7/23 11:20am Andrew meets with Matt in the HoH Room and Matt tells him he will be nominated but that he (Matt) wants to Back Door Brendon (not specifically spelled out on TV whom Matt wants to Back Door).

Then there was the nomination ceremony that is not shown on the feeds.

So there you go – check it out if you like – you can see a lot of things that might clear up questions or reveal things you never knew if you only watch the TV show.

The Big Brother live feeds run 24hours a day, 7 days a week and with the Flashback feature you can go back to see what you might have missed.  Click here for the FREE TRIAL to check out the house guest for yourself!

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