One Day Until a Former “Coach” or a “Newbie” Walks

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Things are not looking good for Janelle – she hasn’t seemed to realize everyone is lying to her and she is most likely leaving Big Brother on Thursday.  Wednesday’s show will only show a tiny portion of the plotting that went on that will end up sending her home – if you have the live feed subscription you can see major point via flashback – here is the Big Brother Live Feeds free trial LINK.

These are the times for you to see for yourself how it really went down no matter how it is shown on Wednesday’s show.  Wednesday’s show covers post nominations on Thursday night through POV Meeting on Monday afternoon.  The work to get Janelle out began after the POV was won by Danielle on Saturday afternoon.

  • Saturday 8/4 10:10pm Camera 3/4 Mike Boogie suggests to Danielle back dooring Janelle.
  • Saturday 8/4 10:58pm Camera 3/4 Danielle, Shane, Britney and Dan discuss Boogie’s suggestion.
  • Saturday 8/4 11:50pm Camera 3/4 Ian is consulted on his thoughts. He is all for it feeling Boogie/Frank are less likely to nominate one of them.
  • Sunday 8/5 10:25pm Camera 1/2 Boogie, Janelle, Dan and Brit talk and Janelle fails to impress Brit/Dan – Boogie tells Janelle he can’t trust her at all & doesn’t think they can work together.
  • Sunday 8/5 10:49pm Camera 1/2 Janelle and Britney leave and Dan agrees to play with Mike – this goes on for a long time with Danielle and Britney joining the discussion.  This is where everyone seems to finally agree to vote out Janelle.
  • Monday 8/6 9:32am Cam 1/2 Danielle tells Wil he will be safe after the POV.

Its possible that someone will clue Janelle in before Thursday but as of right now she still doesn’t realize she is going.  She is asking everyone and they all keep telling her she is safe.

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