Nominations and Power of Veto Competition

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!The feeds have indeed been filled with dealing and scheming since Danielle won the HoH competition on Thursday night.  Here are SOME of the details but if you want to see Big Brother with the new alliances forming sign up for the free three day trial via this Big Brother Live Feeds trial LINK.

All day yesterday there was discussion of who to put up.  Even though Danielle is the HoH she is still greatly influenced by Dan – and Dan secretly wanted to work on an all coaches alliance.  So when Danielle said she wanted to put up Frank and Boogie to make sure one went home this week, Dan helped talk her into NOT putting up Boogie and putting up Wil instead as a ‘pawn.’  Wil is not please at all about this, he feels Danielle promised him safety before he jumped off the ship, and already on Saturday morning has spoken with Boogie and I think they might form an alliance if both stay this week.

Dan approached Boogie after nominations Friday night to explore the coaches alliance and Boogie pretty much said he wasn’t interested – he now knows all about the lies last week and how Frank was supposed to home and he would have lost his best ‘player.’

Today the Power of Veto will be played for,  if both Boogie and Frank are to make it past this Thursday, Boogie will probably need to play and win the POV.  The odds are long on that but it is a possibility.

Names have yet to be drawn and the POV competition will take place this afternoon or tonight.

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