Who will go on Thursday? Endurance Competition Coming?

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!The Power of Veto meeting on Monday went down as expected and now with Frank on the block against Joe, one of the Big Brother House big personalities will be walking out the door on Thursday.

When the POV meeting took place and Shane put up Frank, Britney and Shane explained to Frank and Mike Boogie that their reason was to put the voting control in Danielle’s hands instead of giving the control to Boogies team which would have had three votes (which is all the votes needed this week to evict). They promised that Danielle would be voting out Joe. This is a completely made up reason though as Britney and Shane now want Frank out and Danielle has promised to vote him out on Thursday.

Frank has been too confident that he is safe and even Mike Boogie seems to think Frank will be okay. They both will be stunned if the vote goes as currently expected and Frank is sent packing by a 3-2 vote.

We think that there will be an endurance competition on Thursday as this is usually the time in the season when the first one is held. The question will be is will it be a competition the coaches will participate in? Will they be told they are entering the game on Thursday? We don’t know yet but we think they will be this week or next.

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