Saturday’s Power of Veto Competition Results As Seen On The Live Feeds.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Since Willie Hantz was kicked out of the Big Brother house yesterday, things have been a lot less tense. Of course this won’t last because sooner or later even the friends folks have to turn on each other – this is a game for half a million dollars after all!

The producers decided that even thought they lost a player yesterday they would continue the week on normally so Frank was told to go ahead and make his nominations and he did just that.  Jojo and Shane were nominated and then today the Power of Veto competition was held.

The house guests got up today and the live feeds were fairly quiet with some rehashing of the previous night’s activities and then Frank announces it was time to select players for the Power of Veto competition.

The HoH and two nominees get to play automatically and then three more player are selected somewhat randomly.  Selected to play was Wil, Ashley and Ian.  Frank apparently picked Joe to host the competition.

While we do not get to see the actual POV competition on the live feeds, we usually can figure out what happened and who won te POV within a few minutes of the end of the competition.  Today was no exception and we knew pretty much right away that for the second time  Shane had won the POV.

This means that when the POV ceremony is held (Sunday or Monday), Shane will save himself and Frank will have to put someone else up for eviction.  Its almost certain he will put up Danielle and so either JoJo or Danielle will leave the house on Thursday.

We’ll let you know if anything major comes up – or you can get the live feeds for yourself and see whats going on – you can also use Flashback to go back and watch the events leading up to Willie getting thrown out of the house.  If you have Flahsback you can tune into the cameras on Friday from around 3:35pm to 4:47pm to see him storming around the house.  Ian can be seen recapping event around 9:10pm and Janelle gives her version around 9:50pm (all on Friday night).

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