Episode 3 tonight – who is going – Kara or Frank? Ask Ashley.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!Wednesday night’s show will have the aftermath of Willie nominating Kara and Frank, the Power of Veto Competition (took place last Friday) that was won by Shane, and the Power of Veto Ceremony (Took place Sunday) in which Shane didn’t use the POV.

Last night, as I wrote previously, there was a HUGE blowout between Frank Eudy and Willie Hantz on the Big Brother Live Feeds and at that time I thought Frank was still very likely to stay even though Willie was vowing to get him voted out on Thursday night’s live eviction show.

As the day has progressed today on the live feeds, we’ve seen the alliances solidifying a bit. The “Untouchables” is mainly composed of Willie, JoJo, and Shane – they also feel Ashley is a part of the group. The “Diversity” alliance is composed of Joe, Frank, Ian, Wil, Jen and Ashley is considered a member of this alliance as well (see what I see?). Daniele and Kara are not really in any alliance although right now Daniele can be considered to be with the “Untouchables” since their goal is to keep Kara this week.

If the vote is a tie then Willie will get to break it and his intention is to vote out Frank. Ashely is the swing vote here – as of this writing (and things can change hourly in the Big Brother 14 house), I expect the vote to be 5-3 to evict Kara or a 4-4 tie.

I’ll continue to monitor the Big Brother Live Feeds for updates but feel free to sign up for the FREE three day trial and check them out for yourselves.

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