Drama filled day, big fight at night.

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Yikes, what a difference a day makes! Today on the feeds Willie called a meeting of the new HGs and said they needed to not listen to the coaches – to just play for themselves because the coaches might enter the game at some point. Afterwards there was some rumblings by some of the HGs that felt Willlie has been trying to be a bit too controlling.

This helped push forward the forming of an alliance between Janelle’s team and Boogie’s team. Frank being a part of that team. One of the things Frank talked about was Willie making fun of Wil far saying he wanted to be ‘game free’ for an hour using a high pitched voice. Frank implied Willie was making fun of Wil’s sexuality.

Eventually Tuesday evening Willie got word that he was on the outs with most HGs and then heard from Britney that Frank had implied Willie was throwing around gay slurs. That seems to have pushed Willie over the top and there was a big verbal argument – you can tune into it starting around 10:15 or 10:20pm on the feeds – full blown fight by 10:25pm

Right now the vote is closer than I thought it would be, Frank was really close to staying without a problem but now Willie really wants him out. I think the vote will end up being 5-3 for Frank to stay but if it is a tie, Willie gets to break it.

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