Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony

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The Big Brother live feeds are going strong! We’ve already had the first Power of Veto competition on Friday which was won by Shane and the first Power of Veto Ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon and it was not used – which we expected.

So either Frank or Kara will go home this Thursday as the second Hgs evicted, Jodi being the first.

The second episode will also air Sunday evening and on it the viewers will see the new ‘coach’s competition’ which was won by Mike Boogie, Boogie then giving an exemption from nomination to one of his team members (Ian), and then each Coach also having to pick one of their team to be a “Have Not” for the week. Finally the show will end with Willie Hantz nominating Kara and Frank.

Here is a shot of the quad cam view of the backyard Sunday afternoon after the Power of Veto Ceremony:

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