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Big Brother Early Bird Offer to end at 1am Eastern, 10pm Pacific Today.

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Big Brother Live Feeds - Watch Big  Brother 14 on SuperPass!

This is it – the last chance to get the entire season of Big Brother for $29.99 – after 10pm tonight ‘BB’ time (Pacific) the price will increase to $39.99 for the 3 month subscription. The other option will be a monthly subscription of $14.99 but Big Brother will last more than 2 months (it usually ends mid-september).

If you are still up in the air consider the following benefits. I personally have been a subscriber every year and think it is the best bang for your entertainment buck.

  • 24 hour – 7 days a week of live feeds.  Now the feeds are turned off for some competitions but we always figure out how they turned out afterwards and we get to see them on the TV show.
  • 5 cameras to pick from.  Usually you have 2 cams on one part of the house and 2 more on another – pick the one you want to watch, or choose the “quad” cam and watch all four at once!
  • Flashback – this is almost the best part, you can go back to ANY point in this season or last and watch what you missed – you just enter the date, time and camera and you are good to go!  Season 13 included in case you want to see some of last year.
  • Chat, and exclusive content on the Superpass site.  They work hard for your business and you can watch exclusive live video shows with BB alum like Matt (BB12), Adam (BB13), Danielle (BB8/13), Rachel (BB12/13) and Chelsia (BB9).
  • Mobile! Watch the feeds from your phone or tablet.  Its included for FREE this year (last year there was an extra charge.
  • $10 in music a month from Real Rhapsody.  You can usually pick up 12-15 songs if you buy them by the album like me!

Remember – the $29.99 offer ends in a very short time.  So sign up now and get ready for the live feeds which will kick off on Thursday after Big Brother airs on the West coast!

Big Brother live Feeds Early Bird Special Ends TODAY. You don’t want to miss the 25% discount on the feeds so sign up now!

Click here for the Early Bird Special so you will be set when the show kicks off.

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