Big Brother Cast is Partially Revealed. Survivor Connection Confirmed.

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What a crazy fourth of July! CBS decided to release some commercials that included videos of what we assume are new houseguests. I believe the current count of what we have seen is 12 – the entire list (in theory) will be released Thursday around 12pm Eastern, 9am Pacific. We already have learned a lot about some of these houseguests.

First the ‘Survivor’ connection. One of the faces on the commercials is Willie Hantz, that name may be familiar to you if you follow Survivor because his brother is Russel Hantz. Not sure I am happy about this and the Hantz family is all over the internet claiming they are taking over reality television. Blech.

Another houseguest in the commercials is Wil Heuser, listed as a “Marketing Consultant” he looks more like a comedian trying to make it in show business. Just google his name and lots of links show up including images from him trying out for American Idol. So thats two people with show biz connections that are a bit more than the just ‘struggling actor’ kind we have seen in the past.

You can watch one of the commercials here:

So far it looks like a lot of young faces – I swear a couple of them look like clones of former BB houseguests – I can see a Kalia look alike in one commercial and another guy named Shane who to me could be Brendon’s brother (please please no).

We should know a bit more tomorrow however the Mentor part will most likely still be held back. And it seems VERY likely at this point. Current word is Rachel MAY be out and Danielle Reyes from BB3 & BB7 may be in in her place but thats very much just a rumor.

Stay tuned – more stuff when we know it – show starts July 12th – Feeds kick off then too!

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