Mentors Sequestered? House Video Released!

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If the source of the Mentor rumor is to be believed – then the four mentors will be Mike Boogie from BB3 amd BB7 (won) – Dan from BB10 (won) – Rachel from BB12 andBB13 (won) and Janelle from BB6 and BB7.  None of them admitted to it but it really seems likely that they will be involved in the show this season.

Also today the official pictures and videos of the Big Brother Media day were released.  Below is a 20+ minute video put out by the people at Superpass that you can watch to see Brendon and Rachel host the media.  For long time followers it will be pretty boring – just a heads up!

Later today Real “Superpass” will have Rumor Control with Dani Donato and Rachel hosting – it requires a subscription to watch UNLESS you have an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc), those people can watch for free by going to the following URL at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern): Rachel will be in a hotel room I am guessing – and she last said she was in Costa Rica so lets see if thats what she maintains – but my guess is she is in California (Daniele broadcast from Sequester last season before BB started).

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