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Big Brother Over The Top On Now Through December.

Big Brother Over The Top, the first online only version of Big Brother kicked off on September 28th and has exceeded most hard core Big Brother fan’s expectations.  The amount of online interaction is unprecedented including four votes a week for one nomination, have nots, care packages, and an eviction vote.  We also get to vote for the actual winner – there is no jury on this online version.

Here is a schedule of all the events that take place throughout the week (click to enlarge).

BBOTT Schedule

You can sign up with a free week of the feeds by clicking here.

Big Brother Over The Top is schedule for 65 days so should end around December 1st.

Big Brother 17 Starts Tonight!

Its back again for another season.  Big Brother 17 is alive and kicking! Tune in on CBS or better yet, get CBS All Access and you can watch  the Live Feeds yourself starting after Thursday night’s show!

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I’ll be back later on with updates once we know a bit more about whats going on in the house. The HGs actually moved in late last week.

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